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Top Products and equipment which can be used by physiotherapist and general public for better health

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

The products on this list are the products which are useful at clinic and for personal use. These are just some of the high demand products in physiotherapy practice. I will continue to add other high demand products to this list after the feedback received from the clients.

I’m writing down the products list which I have been using or used by my patients and we found it useful. Some of them are very handy, easy to use and have remarkable results.

Whether you are a Physiotherapist or a common man below products are useful for everyone. Some of them have specific uses, but overall; all are worth to buy (This is my personal opinion, Do check the reviews before buying. I am not endorsing any products)

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One of my favorite tool for treating acute pain with dry needling. It work like magic in acute conditions.

Super compact and portable & Handy Multi-functional tens – Pocket pain reliever. Mobile operated. Useful in joint replacement pain, pain after ACL reconstruction. (Placement is important)

A 2 Channel Pocket Tens Massager for Pain Relief Electric Pulse Nerve Stimulator Machine ; Powered by 2XAAA batteries.

The Heavy duty Cervical and lower back heating pad.

Tennis Elbow Support-Elbow strap to protect the injured tendon :Soft, comfortable, non-slip, breathable, prevents elbow injuries during exercise.elbow support for pain relief and support.

A good buy for those who are suffering from patella pain.

The tool required for home exercise. Easy to carry and use. This is one of the best durable loop band in the market. Nivia resistance bands are used by men and women of all fitness levels a loop resistance band increases the effectiveness of your exercises enormously. Exercises like jump squats and lunges will be more intense increase strength and power, flexible, lean and fit very fast.

Whether you are a planning for home gym or planning to buy treadmill for your clinic, this would be a good buy in both the conditions. It comes with good features and the main thing that it saves space. Foldable with Manual Lock. I have this at my clinic.

Adjustable Home Gym Exercise Fitness Stepper for Exercise Aerobics Stepper. I'm using this at my clinic.

Another great product for Home gym or Physiotherapy clinic set up. Space saving Exercise bike. Durable and pocket friendly.

Another product which I am using at my clinic. This is foldable bed. Easy to carry for Camp purpose or during Sports events. Good buy for home gym also to get relax. And for clinic this is a great buy as it is foldable . When there's rush of patients at my clinic I use this.

This is another great product at my clinic. This saves space and good for having ice cubes for #cuppingtherapy and ice pads for treating swellings.

The above products are very good as they are easy to handle, required little space and suits your budget. For a start up clinic or for a small gym these would be the best buy.


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